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Clammy hands, wet patches on your clothes or visible sweat, all have an impact on your life, within work or personal relationships.

Hyperhidrosis is the correct term for excess sweating and it can be localised, in one area of the body, or can affect many different areas, with it varying from one person to another.

Botox ® is a natural purified protein with amazing abilities to temporarily block secretion in specific areas of the body. The chemical responsible for ‘turning on’ the body’s sweat glad can be interrupted by this procedure resulting in up to 80% reduction.

The injections are made directly into the problematic areas of concern, following an in-depth consultation with the doctor. A numbing agent will be used before the start of the procedure to minimise any discomfort. The Botox ® will sit shallow under the skin, whilst the protein is active, and because the injections will be made superficially, it allows for a more comfortable treatment.

As with the use of Botox ® in any treatment, the results usually start to be shown from 2 to 4 days, with the full effects present after 2 weeks. The results can typically last any where from 4 months up to 12 months, depending on each individual.

Botox® is safe and effective. For consistent results you can repeat the treatment, as needed, to ensure long lasting improvements to the quality of life and daily functioning.

Avoid intensive exercise and heat treatments including sauna, steam room, hot showers and sunbeds for 24 hours after the procedure. We recommend you avoid shaving, if your concern is regarding underarms hyperhidrosis, for around 3 to 4 days before the treatment. After the treatment you can experience some weakness in the area, or temporary pain.

Forehead £199

Frown lines £199

Bunny lines £199

Crow's feet £199

Grinding teeth £299

Gummy smile £199

Grinding teeth £299

Pebble chin £249

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‘I cannot remember a time when excessive underarm sweating didn’t affect my life. On cold winter days or during the summer months, I would always feel embarrassed, arriving to places with wet marks under my arms.’ I decided to do something about it and reached out to RejuvaSkin for more advice. They booked me a consultation with their doctor, who was lovely and made my embarrassing sweat issue no longer that embarrassing. We discussed all things, from the procedure, potential side effects, aftercare and how to prolong the life of the treatment as well as the results and the real expectations. I was convinced! This might just be the treatment to boost my confidence and allow me to relax, stop worrying about lifting my arms and having dark marks. The doctor numbed my underarms, and he marked the area with small white dots a few centimetres apart and just like that, he started to temporarily cure my problems. After only a few minutes, it was all over, and I felt a relief, now to wait to see my results and start enjoying my new found confidence. Two weeks later I arrived at RejuvaSkin for my follow up appointment with the doctor, I arrived this time with a smile! We went through all things previously discussed and recapped on the expectations and results. I achieved a really good result from my Botox ® injections and now I am free to enjoy the sweat-free t-shirt life with no more embarrassing moments! 8 months later… Following my Botox ® treatment, I can still see positive effects from my first treatment although my sweating is starting to creep back up on me. The doctor at RejuvaSkin assured me it is safe to repeat the treatment to maintain my life changing results. I will be booking myself back into the clinic in the near future, a small price to pay to restore the smile and continued confidence back to myself. Some people will never understand how much a t-shirt with dark patches can lower someone’s confidence and make them feel embarrassed, but now I have a solution and it’s worth every penny.'
Rejuvaskin Client
Bank Worker