Introducing the HydraFacial® Syndeo™ 
an advanced skincare treatment designed to give you the personalized care you deserve. This treatment features cloud-based technology that stores your skin’s information, allowing us to know exactly which customization options are right for your needs.
RejuvaSkin Clinic is the first clinic in Yorkshire to launch Hydra-Facial latest device.

How It’s Different

The magic of a Hydrafacial is in the wand, which works like a vacuum to open pores for a deep cleanse and easy extraction of impurities. It also allows the active ingredients in our boosters to penetrate deeper, for a more effective treatment.

The HydraFacial is a treatment that is suitable for all skin tones and requires no downtime. In fact, your complexion will likely look better walking out the door. “Many patients report seeing visible skin refinement and an even, radiant skin tone after just one treatment,”



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