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When hearring the word ‘chemical peel’ what springs to mind?

We often get asked ‘will the skin fall off?’ or ‘does the skin burn?’ most commonly ‘ is it painful, does it hurt?’ but all of these are myths that surround the word ‘chemical peel’.

Let us give you the facts!

There are different types of chemical peels on the market, some are superficial, some medium and some are medical grade deep peels. They are all under the aesthetic treatment umberella but vary in acidic type, acidic strength and treat very different concerns. The most common peels are AHA’s which contain Glycolic acid, great for cell renewal and lifting away dead skin cells, reducing fine lines and addressing minor skin concerns. Others are Salycilic acid (BHA) mainly beneficial for clearing blocked pores, re-texturising, and works great with acne because of it’s anti-inflamatory properties. Both are perfect lunchtime peel treatments. 


Superficial chemical peels involve the application of a previously prepared acid applied to the skins surface, resulting in the destruction of part or all of the epidermis (the top layers of dead skin). The process is practically painless and takes only 30 to 40 minutes to complete.

The substances we commonly use in our treatments is Glycolic acid, offering different strengths for different concerns, provided to you by trained peel specialists. All skin types benefit from a superficial peel from time to time.

At the start of your treatment we will complete an in-depth consultation, assessing your skin and discussing your concerns. After creating a treatment plan or strength and interval we will complete your treatment. The skin is prepared with a cleanse and exfoliation before administering the acid to the skin. You may feels some slight tingling and warmth but this lasts only a few minutes while the acid gets to work on the dead skin. Your skin may become red, but this will subside quickly. We finish the treatment with a repair facial mask, that oxygenates your skin before covering you in SPF. Your skin will instantly look brighter, glowing as you leave the clinic and over the next few days you may find some drying and slight flaking but the peels is blended in such a way to prevent a peel off effect. Your skin will be left hydrated, smooth, refreshed and bright, just as you desired.

So after reading about the superficial peel what are your thoughts? Is it the right treatment for me? Do i need something stronger?

Our Nurse consultant is an expert is skin and skincare working passionately for 9 years changing skin from problematic to perfection. She specialises in the ‘perfect peel’ and can offer ‘Obagi Blue’ for those requiring that invasive impact. 

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