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Body sculpting does not involve any surgery, and it comes with plenty of benefits.

At Rejuvaskin, we have developed facial and body treatments just for you to ensure that you have a revitalised body and skin at all times.

Our treatments cater to all of your needs, and our body sculpting treatment is no different.

Rejuvaskin Is Here For You

Rejuvaskin is very experienced in body sculpting and other treatments and always works to understand the peculiar needs of every one of its clients.

As a client, you can rest assured that our staff will thoroughly educate you on the procedures you’re interested in.

We have a team of experts who handle every client with care and take the time to make sure that they all are satisfied. We have achieved excellent results with our body sculpting treatment and all other treatments that we offer.

Body Sculpting Is Perfect

The excess fat that has accumulated in specific parts of your body areas such as the neck, arms, thighs, buttocks, flanks, and abdomen can be removed.

This treatment varies from patient to patient, and we at Rejuvaskin ensure that we adhere to individual treatment plans.

The duration of the body sculpting treatment is between 30 to 40 minutes or a maximum of an hour.

However, treatment sessions may last for about six weeks depending on the type of treatment procedure being administered or the skin condition.

After about six months of treatment, you then begin to notice the positive changes taking place on your body.

You Have To Play Your Part

However, to ensure that you fully enjoy the benefits, you have to play your part and live a healthy lifestyle.

To maintain a healthy looking body shape and muscle structure, you have to stick to a healthy diet and engage in regular exercise.

Our professional team of experts will ensure that you adhere to your treatment instructions and help you overcome any problems you may face.

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Body sculpting is non-invasive, painless and no one does it better than Rejuvaskin.

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