It improves circulation and reduces water retention

When everything is fine in your body, you feel better, full of energy and vitality. Everything seem to work like a clock work.

Pressotherapy is a very effective non-invasive treatment for a feeling of greater lightness. It oxygenates the blood with an intense, extremely relaxing mechanical lymphatic massage, which gives an immediate effect of well-being.

It is a painless beauty treatment that is also rich in health benefits, which helps improve circulation, reduces  water retention  and the unpleasant sensation of  bloating . Furthermore, combined with other treatments available in the Unico Centers, it enhances the results.


PressoTherapy – Drainage

Aesthetic treatment that improves the performance of the circulatory system and the lymphatic system.

A suit and a pair of leggings exert a pleasant and relaxing pressure on the areas to be treated, through a sequence of mechanical movements with air jets that reactivate the circulatory and lymphatic system.

It is applied to the legs, chest and waist. The effects are immediate and the results are more evident as the treatment progresses. During and after the session you will experience a feeling of relaxation.

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