Two in one: Reduces and Firms

Reduces and firms in a single session 
Just as with the skin of the face, that of the body also undergoes changes, loss of elasticity, accumulation of fat in certain areas and needs help to keep fit. Thanks to the Doublecorp treatment, exclusive to the Unico Center, it is possible to reduce the volume and firm up the body during the same session.

Doublecorp is an innovative, non-invasive treatment. Two advanced technologies, radiofrequency and three-dimensional ultrasound, combine in a single handpiece. The combined application of three-dimensional ultrasounds that work on all three layers of the skin are enhanced as they are combined with radiofrequency.

This combination of technologies allows to bring new oxygenation to the tissues and to reshape the silhouette. In this way, the reduction and firming results are multiplied and strengthened during the same session.

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