The Omnia Lumen ET Plus is a medical grade diode laser offering power of 4800w and is the latest generation now adding a deeper wavelength to it's platform. The excellence of the Omnia allows better delivery of energy to the root of the hair weakening the follicle, so it slows the regeneration of potential new hair formation before teminiating it completely. 

Diode is a direct wavelenght of 810nm (nanometers). Here at REJUVASKiN, we now have the secondary installment of technology combing three wavelenghts within one excelling hand piece, known as 'the combined'. 

It is the most suitable and effective wavelength treating the large diversity of skin and hair combinations. This means no matter your skin or hair colour, the Omnia will effectively destroy the hair on any area of the body.

The Omnia Lumen ET Plus offers a patented technology, known as contact cooling. The hand piece will cool your skin before delivering intense energy to the hair. It means the skin is protected and comfortable while the laser is effeciently and effectively destroying the hair. 

At REJUVASKiN, we offer all our clients a free consultation and patch test before completing any of our full treatments. We have the safety of each client in mind, while pushing forward to disable as much hair as possible with each session of laser hair removal.