Cellulitis is a significant problem among many women. It is a problem not because it cannot be solved, but because there are many types of cellulitis. Identifying the kind of cellulitis you are suffering from can be tasking. Identifying cellulitis is one problem and then solving it is another. Rejuvaskin have identified the different types of cellulitis and offers various treatments for them, all for your benefit.

Cellulitis Types Include:

INVISIBLE CELLULITIS: it is also known as type 1 cellulitis and is invisible to the naked eye, hence the name. However, when the affected area is pressed, it shows.

CELLULITIS CRITICAL ZONE: this is type 2 cellulitis and is visible even without pressing the affected area. It is not very deep although it is localised.

OBVIOUS CELLULITIS: type 3 cellulitis is seen on the inside and outside of the thighs, knees, and buttocks. When it is pressed, it becomes painful.

NOTORIOUS CELLULITIS: this is type 4 cellulitis and has a marked orange peel. This type is painful.

EDEMATOUS CELLULITIS: this is type 5 cellulitis and is the most problematic of all types. It is also painful and reducing it involves a gradual process which requires a combination of treatments.

Causes of Cellulitis

To offer solutions, the causes of the problems must be identified. Cellulitis occurs as a result of age, habits, genetic predisposition, hormonal changes or alterations, and poor circulation. It manifests as a result of the accumulation of fat, retention of fluid, and inflammation in specific areas of the body.


Aesthetic treatments such as Pressotherapy and DoubleCorp help facilitate lymphatic drainage and reduce the accumulation of fat, preventing its build-up. These treatments also help to lower volume and improve circulation, allowing the skin to become firm and toned.

However, Mesotherapy and Radio Frequency are necessary for more profound action while the Duo Crioreductor and Body Carboxytherapy are effective for type 4 and type 5 Cellulitis.

The following therapies make it possible for fat cells to be destroyed, thus preventing the accumulation of fatty tissue.

Our treatments eliminate accumulated fat, help in drainage, toning and volume reduction. We sometimes advise combining different therapies that allow for better results.

Recommended Treatments:

Infiltrated Mesotherapy Alidya

This treatment helps in the detoxification and restructuring of fat cells as well as dilution and dissolving of fat in fat cells, as well as the activation of lymphatic drainage. It is a durable and permanent treatment which is visible from the third and fifth session.

Infiltrated Body Mesotherapy

This treatment can cause a small bruises to appear, though they disappear after a few days.

It helps to reduce localised fat, reduce cellulite, smoothen the skin, giving it more elasticity and less fluid retention.

Virtual Mesotherapy

This has the effects of providing the skin with deep hydration, more elasticity, luminosity, healthy appearance and also keeping it revitalised.

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