Everyday we are exposed to the invisible air pollutants and modern lifestyles that we live, which means our skin is ageing much faster. The damaging effects from the sun and its very persistent UV rays can be a reason for everyone to have concerns about pigmentation, ageing and even the radience and hydration of the skin.

Here at REJUVASKiN we have been working with the innovative technology known as the Dermapen for many years. With each session we see amazing results, leaving the skin completely rejuvenated. We employ the Dermapen Microneedling hand piece, which creates thousands of channels in your skin, causing a rush of skin regeneration. It has pulsed technology with different speeds and penetration depths meaning the specialist can ensure the treatment is exactly what your skin needs. 

So, what is a Dermapen treatment?

Dermapen is an innovative micro-needling device that involves the use of 12 micro-surgical needles to create tiny puntures in the skin. This effect naturally damages the skin's surface, causing the regeneration process to start. The dermapen provides almost 1300 rejuvenating puncture channels per second which provides the most concentrated yet comfortable skin needling treatment thats available on the market.

Over the weeks that follow the treatment, the skin will repair by producing a new formation of collagen and fibroblasts. This encourages brighter, more youthful looking skin resulting in a brighter, beautiful you. 

Dermapen provides effective management for most skin conditions, allowing simultaneous treatment of multiple concerns. The clinical devices are suitable for face and body treatments. Some of the conditions that are most effectively treated and managed by the clinical procedure are:

Collagen induction therapy

Skin rejuvenation

Ageing / Fine lines / Wrinkles

Ultra Violet (UV) damage

Hyper/Hypo pigmentation 

Problematic / Breakouts / Active acne

Acne scarring 

Enlarged / Dilated pores 


Stretch Marks

The skin becomes cumulatively re-texturised, rejuvenated and restructured, minimising the appearence of ageing, uneven skin tone, uneven texture, imperfections and areas of indentation. Results may be seen after just one procedure. 

Let's talk about your concerns...

A consultation with a clinical  practitioner will be completed with you face-to-face. This is the most important step at the start of your treatment. Together we will discuss your concerns, expectations and potential results. We will design a specific and tailored treatment plan, considering the condition to be treated, how long you may have suffered with the condition and other therapies that can be utilised to enhance your results. During the consultation we will also establish the treatment intervals, the needle depth to be used and how many treatments may be required. This varies from one person to another and so we complete your skin assessment during your consultation, ensuring the advice is solely based on you. Sounds like the right treatment for you? Start your journey today.