With age, the face begins to show signs of fatigue, maybe due to stress or accumulation of fats and cellulite. It could also mean that your skin is in a low form and need of some energy.

Your face may begin to show wrinkles and lines of expression.

The solution to this problem lies in stimulating the skin with collagen and elasticin. This way the face can regain its lost facial exuvience and radiance.

Many conventional methods restricted by which facial issues can be targeted. Rejuvaskin offers the fantastic Pulsonic Facial treatment that hits all the areas simultaneously.

The Facial Pulsonic Treatment

Facial Pulsonic is a new facial care treatment, excellent for revitalising the skin, keeping it healthy and young looking.

This treatment like many offered at Rejuvaskin is painless and non-invasive and uses the latest technology, meaning even better results.

The Pulsonic Facial treatment uses pulsed radiofrequency heat (of about 380 to 400 C) to regenerate and stimulate the skin to greater depths. It also eliminates lines of wrinkles and prevents them from reappearing.

Who Needs Pulsonic Facial Treatment?

This treatment is recommended for you if you want fewer wrinkles and expression lines, and sagginess.

Does It Work?

The pulsonic facial treatment works in phases. In the first phase, there is an application of heat through the use of radio frequency.

This applied heat works to stimulate blood circulation and collagen formation. The second phase involves the direct application of heat on the wrinkle that is being treated.

This direct application of heat works to generate a higher concentration of heat within the groove, thus producing a small filling effect which causes the skin to regenerate and also reduces the depth of the wrinkle.

Duration Of Treatment

The treatment lasts between 30-40 minutes, and the results are immediate and noticeable after the first session.

As the skin regenerates, these results are maintained. Patients who undergo a pulsonic facial treatment do not have to go through any recovery period.