Fat Reduction We are the north's premier aesthetics specialists

Rejuvaskin has put in place recommended treatments that are very effective in combating weight gain and help in fat reduction.

Our therapies are very workable and will help you overcome your weight gain problems rapidly and efficiently. Our treatments follow three fundamental steps which are remove, drain, and tone localised fat.

We offer you three aesthetic medical treatments which will surely solve your problem and enable you to return to your former glory.

Our aesthetic treatments are:

Body Hidrolipoclasia

This treatment works to eliminate localised fat and reduce body volume. With this treatment plan, you are assured of a progressive but successful result which is lasting.

Facial Hidrolipoclasia

This treatment plan works to reduce facial fat volume, helping you eliminate the occurrence of a double chin and also have a more defined facial contour.

Infiltrated Body Mesotherapy

With this treatment, localised fat is significantly reduced, and cellulite is improved as well. It doesn’t stop at that though. Skin appears smoother with more elasticity and less fluid retention.

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